Client Checklist Form

Speak to a career counsellor to confirm if the program meets funding criteria.

    Please allow plenty of time to gather information to submit with a funding request

    Obtain Acceptance Letter from Educational Institution: (INDIVIDUAL FUNDING for 52 WEEKS OR LESS programs)

    • Start and End Date, Tuition Amount, and Books/Supplies as required:

      • (need all this information on letter)

    Employer Research Form: Contact potential employers’ and gather information directly relating to the program you have been accepted into.


    • Short Term Certified Training 3 months or less; Apprenticeships, Truck Driver Training; Industrial Safety Tickets

    Written or typed 1 page or less of your career plan/goals based on your research.

    Resume (updated)

    Treaty Status Card and Dependant Information such as: Alberta Health Care Card, or documentation of proof of your guardianship of your children residing with you and your Treaty Status Card.

    Criminal Record Check / Vulnerability Check: Only for training that requires a criminal record/vulnerability check which is usually associated with practicum or work experience portion of the program. Please ask when registering for a program if a criminal record check is required. (Please note that acquiring a criminal record check can take up to 6 -8 weeks to process.)