Post-Secondary Summer Employment Program

In partnership with Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7), Aboriginal Futures offers a Post Secondary Summer Employment Program.

Financial assistance is provided towards the wage of a student and encourages employers to hire post secondary students for summer employment.

By providing financial assistance towards the wage of a student, Aboriginal Futures and CFT7 encourage employers to hire secondary and post secondary students for summer employment whom they would not normally hire in the absence of the Post-Secondary Summer Employment Program funding.

The benefit of the program is two-fold:

For employers, the program reduces the cost of hiring a new employee and can help create new or additional jobs

For a student, career related work experience is obtained and prepares the student for future labour market participation

aboriginal futures wage subsidy

Applicant Eligibility

Must be registered as full-time students, as determined by the educational institution, during the 2023-2024 academic year and intend to return to school, on a full-time basis, in the 2024-2025 academic year

Students must be legally entitled to work in Canada

Students must not have another full-time summer job

Must be Treaty Status and living off of the reserve for a minimum of 4 months

No preference may be given to students who are immediate family members of an employer, director or senior officer of the employer

Employer Eligibility

The employment created would not be available without Post Secondary Summer Employment Program funding and the employer will not receive another wage subsidy from any other government program for this position

The students cannot displace or replace existing employees, volunteers, employees on layoff or on vacation

Additional Information

The activities will be designed specifically for secondary or post secondary students

The position will provide full-time employment of 30 to 40 hours per week

Applications proposing part-time employment for the disabled are also eligible

The employment will be 6 to 17 weeks in between May 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024

The employment subsidy would not represent unfair competition to existing goods and services

The activities must meet the Alberta Employment Standards Act and where applicable the Canada Labour Code

Union Concurrence - “Before approving a proposal involving subsidized jobs, Aboriginal Futures Career & Training Centre (AFCTC) must be completely satisfied that no labour/management difficulties will arise. Where collective agreements are in force in the workplace, AFCTC will request a written statement of union consultation and agreement from the employer”

For full program details, make an appointment with a career development practitioner.
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